Friday, April 13, 2018

Keyboard Lights

Vovsoft Keyboard Lights Displays Num Lock, Caps Lock and Scroll Lock Status

In the old days, the notebook computers used to come with all the usual features you can find in the desktop computers including all the LED indicator lights for hard drive activity, Num Lock, Caps Lock and more. You can still find such laptops that do have all these LED lights, but more and more new models of laptops are now coming without these LED lights. The only light that you can see in modern laptops comes from the computer screen.

If you want to view the current status of the Num Lock, Caps Lock, and Scroll Lock then you can use the free Vovsoft Keyboard Lights. It is a small but useful simple tool that can display the above-mentioned indicator lights near the system tray of Windows desktop. The lights mimic the traditional large LED lights that glow red and green. The green lights mean that a key lock has been engaged and the red light means that it has been released.

From the options of keyboard Lights, you can choose which of the keyboard locks status should be displayed – Num Lock, Caps Lock or Scroll Lock. You can make it notify in the system tray whenever the key lock status is changed. You can also make it play a sound whenever the lock keys are toggled on. So whenever you change the status of any of these three keys, it will play the sound and flash the notification window displaying the status of all the three lock keys.

The small tool could be useful for anyone who has a laptop that did not come with any of the keyboard indicator lock LED lights. It is free, lightweight and can be used in all the versions of Windows including the latest version of Windows 10.

Download: Keyboard Lights

Source: Trishtech

Saturday, March 31, 2018

VPS Hosting Providers

Digitocean 1558
Ovh 3208
Vultr 3221
Linode 7444
Virmach 40.000
Arubacloud 69.000
Ramnode 100.000
Hostus 102.000
Nfphosting 130.000

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Vov Screen Recorder

Vov Screen Recorder: Capture Screen Activity to MKV Video

Snapping the screen to an image or to the clipboard is the easiest thing to do in Windows and perhaps all the Windows users know it already. All you have to do is press the PrintScreen key on your keyboard and the screen is captured into the clipboard. Apart from this there are hundreds of screenshot programs including open-source programs like Greenshot, free programs like MWSnap and commercial programs like SnagIt.

But when it comes to capturing the screen activity and save it as video, then there are not many easy-to-use programs available – whether free or commercial. Most of them try to pack too many features making the programs look very complicated and confusing. But a new software, Vov Screen Recorder makes it very simple to record your screen activity. It has only two buttons – one to start recording the screen and another to stop recording.

You can click on the START button to begin the recording or you can use the hotkey Ctrl + Alt + 1 to do the same. Similarly, you can click on the STOP button to stop the recording or you can use the hotkey Ctrl + Alt + 2 for it. The hotkeys are hard-coded and cannot be changed. In the same way, the destination folder where the video recording file is saved is also hard-coded – the video file is saved on your Windows desktop.

Like many other similar video capture software are doing these days, Vov Screen Recorder also makes use of the popular open-source FFmpeg tools to capture, record and save the video. In fact, all it does is run the command ffmpeg -f gdigrab -framerate 30 -i desktop %UserProfile%\Desktop\output.mkv. You can do it yourself after downloading the FFmpeg tools package from and giving the same command. You can even change the video file format that way. But using Vov Screen Recorder really makes everything very simple and easy to use.

Download: Vov Screen Recorder

Source: Trishtech